Joints Off iOS Vol. 1 - Beat Tape

If you've been around for a min, you know I've been knee deep on mobile music production for the last year or so. It's not quite where I'd like it to be, but it's definitely getting there. Everything from workflow, to efficiency, to mixes are getting better---all away from desktop. Check the tape out below & then stop by here to peep the details of the entire process. Enjoy!

JO-iOS VOL1 Final.png

iOS Beats on a chill Friday Afternoon

Recently picked up this iConnectivity Audio 4+ interface for the lab to replace my Komplete Audio 6 in my mobile rig. Needed some more flexibility & routing options and this did the trick. I'm now able to send audio + midi back and forth between the desktop and iPad and vice versa--all without unplugging/reconnecting anything. This is a workflow enhancement for me that I've needed to be more efficient in my processes. Here, I'm just vibing with some of our recent stuff via MSXII Sound (Brute Loops Collection 1 [vox sample], Lo-Fly Drums 2 & 3, Sammich Kit 9, and the Moog Model D app) within Beatmaker 3 blended with Lo-Fly Dirt & Fly Tape. Bringing in outside sounds via Dropbox and tracking audio realtime on the Fender Rhodes to an audio track on Beatmaker 3. Short video as this was formatted to fit our Instagram. I'll do more of these--maybe even a smooth beat-tape at some point. Enjoy!


Arcade from Output

For the last year + we've been working w/our good friends over at Output while they tirelessly built Arcade! Really glad to see this off the ground & we know you'll find this as fresh and inspiring as we have! This one is a game changer. Be sure to check out Beat Elements, Modular Circuitry, & tons more upcoming joints! Go get on this


MSXII iOS App Tutorial Videos

The homie Jay Ellyiot recently joined us for some dope iOS tutorials. Check these videos below of him showing some creative ways to use both Lo-Fly Dirt & Fly Tape!


Goodie Bag Sample Pack Vol. 1 by

If you're up, you should know you need to be rocking with us via We recently dropped The Goodie Bag Sample Pack Vol. 1 and it's cold blooded. Peep the demo prod. by WVGRD & then cop that!


Fly Tape iOS App by MSXII Sound Design

Fly Tape is finally here! This has been a long journey that started a while back ago. Tons of testing, design, tweaking, and getting right--and we were finally able to release the app. Fly Tape is a useful performance iOS plugin that's really unique and brings a fresh perspective to your music production. Available for both iPad & iPhone. Peep these couple of videos here and then download the app in the App Store!


Soul Provider Akai MPC Expansion by MSXII

Been building with the good folks over at Akai for sometime now. Pleased to finally get you guys our first offerings with Akai out. The Soul Provider is a crazy, dope Akai MPC Expansion that explores our stylings with great texture, character, and groove. Whether you're on an MPC X, MPC Live, or simply working in a DAW, you should go get this expansion. The files can be used within anything--however, the experience is built for the Akai platform. Enjoy!


A Sit Down with Henny from Tha Bizness

Recently linked with my guy Henny from Tha Bizness to discuss everything from sound design, apps, the music industry, and more. He's doing some really dope things in the community and we're super glad to support! Check it!


Wavs From Wankanda Series

Since seeing Black Panther we've been mad inspired by the soundscapes and overall excellence of the movie. Quite a few folks hit me on us approaching this theme from a sound design perspective. Peep some of my process here and enjoy. The drums & percussive elements are the first installment of it. Be on the lookout for much more in this vein!


PopsLife Ep. 2 - "Main Event"

A typical birthday Saturday for us...Main Event, games, and beats! We had a blast kicking it all day. Jumped up early Saturday morning and let the kids mess around on iMaschine, Beatmaker 3, and the iPad. Headed off to a bday party for a few hours and then came home to finalize the track. The video towards the end shows a bit of the process as well so watch all the way through. Stay tuned for the breakdown versions of the beats and editing via mobile coming soon. Enjoy!


Lofi Sampling Techniques with Cassette Tapes & the SP404

I wanted to give you a slight example of some of our treatments for some MSXII projects such as our Lofi Melodics series. Of course not all is shown, but here's when it gets a bit closer to your hands. Quality over everything. Every note, sound, groove, & texture is analyzed until its right. Your continuous support is overwhelming and we're super grateful for each one of you. Cop something from us.