Lo-Fly Dirt Featured in Sound On Sound Magazine

Anyone that really knows me can tell you I’ve spent a ton of time at Hastings reading music magazines back in the day. Sound On Sound was a go-to joint for me. Now, to see our app Lo-Fly Dirt featured in the magazine, makes the win that much sweeter. Huge deal for us and most definitely grateful for the write up by SOS!


“Lo‑Fly Dirt is provided as an AU3 plug‑in only but should run fine in any iOS AU host such as AUM, AudioBus, BeatMaker 3, GarageBand or, as I did with my own testing, Cubasis. Having inserted the plug‑in on a suitable track, the app is simple enough to use. Bottom‑left are the input and output faders (by default, these seem to be set to zero; raise them to hear what the effect is doing), while the large dial that dominates the GUI is a dry/wet knob rather than a gain control. Wound increasingly clockwise, you get 'more' of the effected audio.

In terms of lo‑fi processing, the app offers seven modes, each with a different flavour of lo‑fi treatment. These are arranged along the top of the display and you cycle through them using the Mode button. With none of the virtual LEDs alight, you get the Default mode which delivers a very light saturation effect. This is really rather nice and can be used on almost any audio source. This includes vocals, where a little can add a nice warmth and a lot can give you some grit without things ever going too far.”

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