Making Beats on the iPad - Beatmaker 3 Audio Workflow Idea

As many of you know that follow my channels, I'm past the point of making music on a mobile situation. I'm all in. I've figured out a way to replicate my desktop situation-minus Ableton, Maschine, etc, but with other programs and processes. The workflow is a challenge, but I'm constantly looking for ways to tweak. I wanted to share something I do via desktop (work primarily with audio) with you guys to show you how much can be accomplished. Check the video below and peep the steps I've left you if this could potentially help. Comment on the video if this was useful. Peace!


To accomplish this workflow in Beatmaker 3, it's quite easy. Follow these steps:

1. Add a new bank, insert your favorite synth plugin that you'd like to record audio from on pad 1.

Photo Jan 07, 3 20 24 PM.png

2.  Add an audio track. In the mixer section, tell the new audio track to receive it's "Internal Input" from Pad 1 of the bank you created. In this case, it would be Model 15 for me.

Photo Jan 07, 2 59 41 PM.png

3. Record set your record "arm" on the audio track and record audio on to that track with it selected in the arranger. You may not see audio levels jumping until you're done recording. If you'd like to monitor prior, just set that in your preferences. *Pro tip* In my video you'll hear the audio off time just a bit at the 1. I did that for video purposes so excuse the mistake. Normally, you'd want to leave a bar in front of where you'd like to start recording. This would alleviate any latency issues. 

Photo Jan 07, 3 00 28 PM.png