Samples Landing - Mya "Phya"

This one here is interesting. While in the early stages of MSXII Sound Design, everything we offered was "royalty-free", meaning, we had no share in anything that went on beyond the initial sale/download of our samples. Our Soulful Stems project, one of the best ever, ended up on this Mya record. It's from a composition called "Irrefutable" that ended becoming her "Phya" record. Funny thing is...this record was Grammy Nominated last year. Yup, no claim or anything on this. So technically ya boy is....well, I'll let you figure that out. Cool story indeed, but things have since been changed! Haha.

 Anything posted with the "Samples Landing" heading is something I wrote via my sound design company MSXII Sound Design. I won't post them all, but the bigger placements for sure.  Enjoy.