PopsLife Ep. 1 - "Crusing"

Ive been mad inspired by my guys lately Justen Williams, Cameone, and Henny on some of their video/blog/vlog/beats type work I wanted to get going on something I'd considered for a while--showing a bit more of the "the process." Alot more goes into music than most think that actually involves life. I draw inspiration from life in general so I'd like show that--alongside of actual beatmaking and such. Popslife is here to inspire, encourage, and to show some of that. I've challenge myself to do it all on mobile. The beats will be created on the iPad Pro. Videos shot on the Sony X3000. I'll try to do the editing mostly in Lumafusion for iPad Pro as well. Most has taken place via Final Cut for the first one just so I could get an idea of what type of workflow would be needed. I'll pair the PopsLife video with the beatmaking part of it to follow. For now, enjoy!