Timestretch Workaround In Maschine with Maschine

Spent about 10-15 min messing with Serato Sample as a workaround for real-time timestretch in Maschine. I wanted to get a quick idea down to see how it behaved with adjusting tempos, adding plugins, and maneuvering in Maschine. Also, this is the new Maschine update 2.6.5. Shot on iPhone so don't trip on quality! Leave a comment with your thoughts if you've used it.

Couple thoughts here on Serato Sample...it's dope. For any avid Maschine user you should definitely be on this. This is a long-time feature request that Maschine has been lacking for quite sometime. Get resourceful. Unless I haven't seen it, I'd love to see the ability to export slices in different formats/bit rates. I think that would be dope. Also, the ability to record outside audio from a connected sound source would be mad dope. I think that could put this sampler over the top. I've only messed with it for just about an hour so far, but I like the direction it's heading. It will be interesting to see where it goes. I know for sure it would be mad useful in an app...

Stay tuned. I'll keep posting more on this as I spend more time with it.