Instagram Bedroom Drum Breaks to Track Idea


Had a couple hours on a Saturday to get creative so I took advantage. Actually filmed the whole process on my iPhone so excuse the IG story uploads. I felt it was authentic though so it's all good! Sampling my own drums, playing one-handed to film on Instagram to get the samples. Ran back in the lab through the SP404, OP-1, and into Maschine. This joint will get proper mixdown at some point, but this is all on the fly. I'll briefly detail it out below...story by story.  

1. I have a dope set of drums in my bedroom. Hardly get to play them, much less record them, without the fam around. When I do, I usually have to hustle. Today I had a couple of hours so I locked in. Played these joints with one had so I could set up the Instagram story to sample from later.

2. Ran audio out from iPhone to SP404. Added a few things here to touch up the drums--this unit is dope and has FX that get it done.

3. SP404 sampled into Maschine. I set up a chain from UAD processing to color the drums even more prior to locking them down in Maschine. Warming them up a bit.

4. Once sampled in, I chopped them into sections that I felt would be usable. No auto chop or chop by transient sensitivity.

5. Find a pattern that works. At this point, a groove is in my head and I'm trying to get the idea out now.  Maschine is in my opinion the best at allowing things to happen quickly while working. This is key for me.

6. Found a groove I dig, played it, found a sample I dig, chopped it, and got the basic loop going. Now we rocking.

7. Sang a basic note into the OP-1, resampled into Maschine, tweaked the LFO, and made a drone you hear throughout.

8. Bass provided by Kontakt (Jay Bass).

9. Added Juno106 stabs. Always do.

10. Added custom macros for inspiration later on. These are easy to and come in handy if you really dive into Maschine/Maschine Jam.

11. Filmed this whole process so you can be inspired too. Hope this helps.