1st Hour with Korg Gadget

Been on my mobile music making game lately and really scaling down the process of creating. Getting more and more busy these days, but I always have to find time to create. A few additions such as the OP-1 have been doing me justice, but now I've found a great side piece for that...Korg Gadget. 


The video above is literally after spending 1 hour with Korg Gadget. Every sound you hear is a stock sound in the app--no outside processing. Just the app through the SP404 to interface. At $19.99, it's pricey on the app side, but mad worth it! There are at least 10 stock instruments, a few samplers, a dope sequencer and much more in here off the bat. The FX it comes with rival some things you'd find in $400 software I wont name, but just know that they are good. However, I'm most impressed with the audio bussing, routing, and actual SIDE CHAIN abilities it has. This is killer for an app to have. I'm running this on an iPhone SE 64 GB with absolutely no hiccups at all. Dang near can mix on this joint and send it out. After an hour on this, it really doesnt take long to get to know. I'm sure after a bit more time, this app will change the way I approach mobile music making in general. Stay posted for more thoughts. There is much more coming...that's the reason for the quick, seemingly random videos. It will all tie in very soon. Stay up and be blessed!