Drums Out The SP404 Series

Been working on a new series of dope drums w/the team. Tons of unique stuff in these drum kits with heavy processing & such for the champs. Shot a quick video demostrating the sound with some added Fly Tape & Lo-Fly Dirt FX thru the iPad. Whole demo track below. Enjoy!


Lo-Fly Dirt Featured in Sound On Sound Magazine

Anyone that really knows me can tell you I’ve spent a ton of time at Hastings reading music magazines back in the day. Sound On Sound was a go-to joint for me. Now, to see our app Lo-Fly Dirt featured in the magazine, makes the win that much sweeter. Huge deal for us and most definitely grateful for the write up by SOS!


“Lo‑Fly Dirt is provided as an AU3 plug‑in only but should run fine in any iOS AU host such as AUM, AudioBus, BeatMaker 3, GarageBand or, as I did with my own testing, Cubasis. Having inserted the plug‑in on a suitable track, the app is simple enough to use. Bottom‑left are the input and output faders (by default, these seem to be set to zero; raise them to hear what the effect is doing), while the large dial that dominates the GUI is a dry/wet knob rather than a gain control. Wound increasingly clockwise, you get 'more' of the effected audio.

In terms of lo‑fi processing, the app offers seven modes, each with a different flavour of lo‑fi treatment. These are arranged along the top of the display and you cycle through them using the Mode button. With none of the virtual LEDs alight, you get the Default mode which delivers a very light saturation effect. This is really rather nice and can be used on almost any audio source. This includes vocals, where a little can add a nice warmth and a lot can give you some grit without things ever going too far.”

Read the complete article.


Beats via MSXII Sound

Quick joint from a recent demo. Most of my new material is usually pulling up in these…Enjoy!


70's Soul Aesthetics Vinyl from MSXII

If you've been around the MSXII movement for any amount of time, you know we still wholeheartedly believe in tangible, physical mediums in music production. While digital offers so much, there's still something about "holding" a great product. 

We're extremely proud to present, The 70's Soul Aesthetics Vinyl! This incredible 12" LP is now shipping worldwide. Enjoy the video shot by our fam via 343 Media and cop the vinyl at the link below!

Get the 70's Soul Aesthetics 12" Vinyl - Click Here


Joints Off iOS Vol. 1 - Beat Tape

If you've been around for a min, you know I've been knee deep on mobile music production for the last year or so. It's not quite where I'd like it to be, but it's definitely getting there. Everything from workflow, to efficiency, to mixes are getting better---all away from desktop. Check the tape out below & then stop by here to peep the details of the entire process. Enjoy!

JO-iOS VOL1 Final.png

iOS Beats on a chill Friday Afternoon

Recently picked up this iConnectivity Audio 4+ interface for the lab to replace my Komplete Audio 6 in my mobile rig. Needed some more flexibility & routing options and this did the trick. I'm now able to send audio + midi back and forth between the desktop and iPad and vice versa--all without unplugging/reconnecting anything. This is a workflow enhancement for me that I've needed to be more efficient in my processes. Here, I'm just vibing with some of our recent stuff via MSXII Sound (Brute Loops Collection 1 [vox sample], Lo-Fly Drums 2 & 3, Sammich Kit 9, and the Moog Model D app) within Beatmaker 3 blended with Lo-Fly Dirt & Fly Tape. Bringing in outside sounds via Dropbox and tracking audio realtime on the Fender Rhodes to an audio track on Beatmaker 3. Short video as this was formatted to fit our Instagram. I'll do more of these--maybe even a smooth beat-tape at some point. Enjoy!


Arcade from Output

For the last year + we've been working w/our good friends over at Output while they tirelessly built Arcade! Really glad to see this off the ground & we know you'll find this as fresh and inspiring as we have! This one is a game changer. Be sure to check out Beat Elements, Modular Circuitry, & tons more upcoming joints! Go get on this asap--Output.com


MSXII iOS App Tutorial Videos

The homie Jay Ellyiot recently joined us for some dope iOS tutorials. Check these videos below of him showing some creative ways to use both Lo-Fly Dirt & Fly Tape!


Goodie Bag Sample Pack Vol. 1 by RacksForLive.com

If you're up, you should know you need to be rocking with us via Racksforlive.com. We recently dropped The Goodie Bag Sample Pack Vol. 1 and it's cold blooded. Peep the demo prod. by WVGRD & then cop that!