At 2:55 of this Low End Synth tutorial, you hear me speak on using the “Q” in the SSL mix channel strip.  Most EQ units will have one and they all virtually are there to help accomplish the same goal; fine tune your equalization.  

Now with that said, let’s have a look at the manual from the SSL 9000j and see what it has to say about the behavior of the “Q” on the channel strip.





















So as we can see, the function of the “Q” actually changes depending on gain input.  The “Q” is defined as filter width.  Furthermore, in the HMF (High Mid Filter) section of the channel, the manual of the actual unit says that the “Q’s” bandwidth increases, or broadens, with a decrease in gain.  Reversing in the LMF section.  Now this has me thinking on how faithfully modeled this unit was in Reason.  Welp, onto more mixing then to see if this has been replicated!